Additional Instructions for Anti-Virus 


If your use additional 3rd party anti-virus software you may need to tell it to allow the Cadrail application. Exactly how to do this depends on your software. An example using Norton 360 follows.

1. Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the Cadrail setup file CR1030.EXE that you downloaded and then click the Right Mouse Button on the file name. Next, click File Insight on the popup menu.


2. When the Norton application appears, select Trust Now for the file.


3. If needed, Trust the program file after installation of the
Cadrail application by navigating to the Cadrail application folder and select Trust Now as in step 2. The Cadrail application path is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Sandia Software\Cadrail 10\cadrail9.exe









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