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 Whats New in Cadrail 10 Updates Troubleshooting Questions (FAQs) Requirements





How to Install Maintenance Updates

Periodically we will make a maintenance update available with bug fixes and improvements.

These maintenance updates are a replacement of  the Cadrail9.exe program file only, not a complete installation. You must have previously installed the full version of Cadrail on the system. Then you can download the update file and install it on your computer.


To Install a Maintenance Update:

  1. After downloading the update file to your system (see below), find the file you downloaded on your system (use Windows Explorer or other means). It is in the folder name you specified when you downloaded. The file name is normally CRXXX.EXE where XXX is the version number like 901. If you changed the file name when you downloaded use that name.
  2. Once you have located the file, double-click the file name to begin installation. The WinZip Self Extractor dialog will appear on the screen. Make sure the path shown for the unzip to folder is the path to your Cadrail application folder on your computer hard drive. The default folder name is provided in the dialog, normally C:\Program Files\Sandia Software\Cadrail 9.5\  on Windows XP systems. If your system is different you need to provide the correct folder path. Just click the BROWSE button and specify the path to the folder you downloaded the upgrade file into.
  3. After the correct path is specified, click the UNZIP button to extract the file and place it in your Cadrail folder. Answer YES when asked to confirm replacement of the existing Cadrail9.exe program file. If you are not asked to confirm, you did not specify the correct path to the Cadrail application (do not check overwrite files without prompting on the WinZip dialog).
  4. After the file is replaced, start Cadrail and verify the version by going to the menu item Help - About in the Cadrail application.




How to Download the Files:

  1. After clicking a download link on a page on our web site, you will be asked what to do with the file. Click the SAVE  button to save the file onto your hard drive.
  2. Each version of Windows behaves slightly differently.
    A. If asked what to do with the file select SAVE. Then go to your downloads window, tell the system the file is safe, and then run the file.
    B. If the Save As dialog appears, select a folder on your hard drive. Note the folder and file name so you can later locate the file and run it. It is best to use an empty folder on your system.





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