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Easy to use Astronomy Planetarium Software.

NightSky is the astronomers toolbox to explore, plan, learn and use for most of your needs. This is an easy to use tool that lets you quickly find what you need. It is small and lightweight so you can install it anywhere and take it with you or use it on your full desktop computer.



NightSky application with selected tools and watch objects.


Star Maps

Navigate to any portion of the celestial sphere by dragging the map with the mouse. Zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

Select map view by Solar System Object (Planet, Sun or Moon), Deep Sky Object, or Constellation.

Point to Star map objects for more details.

View map by current time or set any time in the past or future (500 years). Current view looking north or south. Any location and time zone.

Includes over 200 of the best Messier and NGC objects for normal viewing. Stars to magnitude 8 (approximately 50,000).

Red light night vision mode.


Astro Tools

Object data in RA/DEC, ALT/AZM, Rise/Set times for any time or date.

Time Control lets you easily set any date and time. Animate any time sequence showing solar objects moving against the star map. Universal and Sidereal times with Julian Date.


Customizable Object Watches let you select any object and show its position and rise/set times on the screen.



Weather forcasts for any location (requires free registration with Weather Underground web site)






NightSky animation of Mercury Transit.



Full Screen Docking

Use NightSky as a desktop toolbar as shown docked to the right of the screen. One click opens normal operations.



Print Star Maps

Print any view you select.



Complete Documentation

Your NightSky package includes complete instructions in two formats: an application help file and a PDF format manual.



Automatic Updates

NightSky will (optionally) check for free program updates and if you approve download and install the update.



Rock Solid Software

Sandia Software has been making high quality software for 30 years. Our software is tested and used worldwide. We stand behind and update our software with new features as they are developed.




You must have the following computer equipment to operate the NightSky 6 application:

  A  PC or compatible computer running Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 bit).
  A display monitor and graphics card running in SVGA resolution 1024 x 768 or higher. 3d graphics capability (for the 3d view only).
  A mouse with center scroll wheel.
  A hard disk drive with a minimum of 6 MB available (for NightSky).





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