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Sample Cadrail Layouts

N Scale Trestle Diorama by George Smith

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George Smith is an experienced Cadrail user and tester. He has been nice enough to show us his latest work using Cadrail 9.

Here is a drawing of a 14" x 16" N Scale trestle crossing with Tunnel Portal and Highway Crossing.

George has come up with some great ways of using Cadrail's various styles and shapes. This should give you lots of ideas and drawing techniques.

There are two drawings. The Trestle Kit is the un-assembled parts and the 3D Diorama has the parts assembled.


Download Trestle Kit (3d_kit_01_timber_trestle.exe  178kb)


Download Trestle 3D Diorama (WJRR_Bridge_7_Diorama.exe  307kb)


These files require Cadrail Version 9 or the Cadrail Demo to view and print.


How to use these self-extracting files

Plan View


3D Bird's Eye View


Front View












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