Using  Self-Extracting Files

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Files on this web site with the EXE extension (last 3 letters of the filename) have been compressed to a small self-extracting (or self-installing) program file to speed downloading from the internet. You only need to download the file (specify the filename and location on your computer when prompted) and then run it. Everything you need to install and use the file or application is included.

After you download a self-extracting file to your computer, you must extract it (un-compress it) by running the file that you downloaded.


How to Download the Files:

  1. After clicking a download link , you will be asked what to do with the file. Click the SAVE  button to save the file onto your hard drive.
  2. When the Save As dialog appears, select a folder on your hard drive. Note the folder and file name so you can later locate the file and run it. It is best to use an empty folder on your system.


After Downloading, begin self-extraction:

Option 1: Run the EXE file you downloaded by double-clicking on the file name using Windows Explorer.

Option 2: Run the EXE file you downloaded by selecting the Windows Start button - Run item.

Once the self-extraction program has started, depending on the type of file, you will be:

Asked for the name of the folder on your hard drive where you would like to place the un-compressed file. Type the name of the folder in the dialog box. The self-extraction program will then un-compress the file and place it into the folder you specified.


An Application Setup Program will begin running to allow you to install a complete application on your hard drive. Follow the Setup program instructions.



How to use Zipped files

Files with the ZIP extension have been compressed to a small file size using the PKZIP utility. Once you download a zipped file, you must use a third-party utility program that will un-zip the file. You should see the documentation for the utility program for detailed instructions.

There are many utility programs available that will un-zip files. You can find a listing of possibilities at Search for PKZIP.  All the files on this site were made using the WINZIP utility














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