What's New in Cadrail 9?

Version 9.0 New features

New Side Views x, z and y, z axis (replaces profile view).

* Better 3d drawing support. Edit, Line and Figure drawing in side views. Select using: the. menu: Options - Side views

New Drawing Manager tool bar (right side of main window).

* Object Tab (replaces worksheet).

* Edit objects by clicking toolbar.

* Drawing tree shows figures structure in drawing.

* Figures Library Tab (replaces Figures Toolbox). Quickly Load up to 2000 figures..

New 3D View A big improvement has been achieved in the 3D View by using Microsoft's DirectX 9c 3D engine.

* Runrail expanded to show the train in the 3D view including the famous IN THE CAB VIEW!

* Change view in real time - rotate, zoom etc.

* Set view using mouse on screen.

New: Runrail

* Operate the train in real time 3d with cab view, overhead view, or birds eye view.

* Two trains that run independently.

* Engineers view: look forward or back in cab view.

* More detailed car and train drawings.

* Train properties dialog - select the train cars from a list, set order of train cars, duplicate cars, remove cars.

* Train setup is saved with your drawing. After saving, when you open your drawing again and go to Runrail, the

trains and cars will go back to where they were when last saved. When switching from Runrail to Drawing mode and

back, the train setup is restored.

New Open Multiple Drawings

*Copy and Paste between drawings using the Drawing Tabs.

New: Save Default Template Drawing

* Located on the Preferences dialog: allows you to specify a drawing template that will be used when Cadrail starts or a new drawing is created. All layers, styles, preferences, printing setup, and objects from the template are used for any new drawing.

Improved Drawing Tools

* Edit Freehand and CAD Edit tools combined on one tool bar.

* Drawing Tool bar is now movable on the screen. Just drag the header.

* Edit Rotate- Rotate Lines and Line Figures about +-X, Y or Z axis (replaces Figure-Flip UP.)

New 3d Drawing Tools

* Shape Builder easily creates 3d shapes.

* Rotate about 3 axis (x, y, z - replaces Figure-Flip Up). Now you can rotate by any amount in 3 directions.

* Draw in Side Views.

New Object End Caps

* specify Arrow, Diamond etc for object ends. Set on layer/style properties tool bar.

Improved Figures

* How figures are defined has changed. Each figure is now embedded within another by reference.

* Easily edit embedded figures within a parent without needing to un-define the figure.

* Figures can be viewed and manipulated in the drawing manger drawing tree (replaces Work Sheet). Edit embedded objects using the drawing tree, without un-defining the figure.

* Total undo/redo restored for all embedded Figures.

* Shape Builder Easily create 3d cubes, polygons.

* New Gradient fills.

* A second Create, Delete, Elevate button added to Edit Tool Group.

Improved Export Bitmap Dialog

* Now easier to define the bitmap.

Improved Trace Bitmap

* Bitmap is anchored to and scales with drawing.

* Set your own size and location within the drawing.

Improved Drawing Graphics

* Anti-aliasing (no "jaggies").

* Styles - Line Width option: fixed or scalable. Scalable Widths change with drawing view size.

* New hatch pattern fills available on all line styles.

* Dashed line improved, can now set any width, new patterns - mix any combination.

* Text quality improved.

* Overall drawing appearance improved.

Improved Printing

* Overall quality improved.

* Grid improved and defined separately for print out.

* Scrollable Preview.


* Drawing Preferences and Cadrail Preferences combined.

* Right Mouse Button- popup menu with basic tools.

* Drawing tool bar improved: drag the drawing tool bar header to move the tool bar on the screen-drop into upper left drawing screen corner to dock again.

* Use scroll button on mouse to scroll plan and 3d view.

* Turn ON/OFF the Instruction Line and Coordinates/View tool bar (bottom) on Options menu.

* Help File now includes the complete manual. New HTML help format is much improved. Better searching,




Cadrail Version 9.5

Updated for the latest Microsoft Operating System including Windows 8. Cadrail is more powerful and fully compliant with the new Windows operating systems. Cadrail 9.5 still supports all other systems running Windows 98 or higher.

Version 9.5 New features:

Improved: Drawing Toolbar

-Shows all tools making it easier to select a tool and eliminates steps. Several tools combined into one.

-Ctrl+RMB moves drawing tool bar to click point.

-New item on RMB popup menu to move drawing tool bar to click point

-New button appears upper left when Drawing Toolbar is moved.. Button returns Drawing Toolbar to upper left home.

-New shortcut key Ctrl+X returns Drawing Toolbar to upper left home.

-New Arc From 3 Points tool.

New Auto-Select: creation tools will highlight the new object in freehand edit mode when auto select is on (top tool bar bar button next to auto trim). Use the tool normally to create and object or drag the the handles to freehand edit. Thus eliminatesclicking free-hand edit in some cases.

New Auto- Update: When you start Cadrail it will now check for new updates from Sandia's web site. You can disable this feature using menu item OPTIONS - PREFERENCES. On the Preferences dialog select the PROGRAM SETUP tab and uncheck the item CHECK FOR UPDATES ON STARTUP. You can also check for updates manually using the menu item OPTIONS - CHECK FOR UPDATES.

Improved tools:

-Edit Dual Use tools - All edit tools now dual use when appropriate and located at top of drawing tool bar

-Arc between lines, line/arc, arc/arc tools have been combined into one tool - ARC FILLET based on objects selected

-Line Rectangle/Line Multiple - alt+ to make figure, ctrl+ for elevation

-Line between points tool eliminated - use Line with shift+

-Line Project tool eliminated use Line Tangent.

-Arc Project tool eliminated use Arc Tangent

-Point on line, point on arc combined into on one tool POINT ON LINE or ARC based on object selected

-Elevate, Popup: works with single object or figure (was Figure only)

-Figure tools now located within the Edit tool group.

-Figure Add tool combined with Figure Create. Use Figure create for new or add to Figure.

-Figure Polyline - combined with Line -Multiple use ctrl+ Line Multiple to create figure and enter elevation

-Object/Figure editor - new fill child figures checkbox fills when checked or unfills if unchecked

- new Merge Child Figures button (upper left of dialog).

-Layer/Styles Editors: changed behavior when deleting layers or styles. Now any objects using the layer/style to be deleted will be changed to the current drawing layer/style.

Improved: Turnout, yard, shape builder combined into one Shape Builder dialog found on Options menu and labels tool bar. Behavior changed where you no longer click an object with the tool. Object is inserted in the drawing center.

Improved: AutoTrim, AutoAlign, AutoSelect check state saved with Cadrail program settings.

Improved: Units label on bottom tool bar - click for preferences dialog which allows units to be changed

Updated documentation manual and program help file.






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