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VB Tips Debugging Runtime Errors.


These tips are to help find runtime errors on a deployment system.


  1. Remove Try/Catches.
  2. Can you run any vb app on the problem system? Try an empty one form project that does nothing. If it runs then remove the part of your app that errs and run and see. Do this until you remove something and it runs. Then you know you just removed the problem.
  3. Is your deveopment system set to break on erros see step 2 here:

  4. Is the anti virus blocking on the problem system?
  5. Is there any language difference or etc between the systems?
  6. Put lines in the code to verify all is well and check values etc ie
       rdBtn2.Font = New Font(rdBtn2.Font, FontStyle.Regular)
       msgbox("Step 1 bIsBatTest = " & bIsBatTest.tostring & rdBtn2.Font.tostring)
       bIsBatTest = true
       msgbox("Step 3 ok)
  7. Run the app in the VS ide on the problem system. Look for errs.
  8. What complile settings ie what cpu? try x86 and any. What chip is it on the problem system?
  9. What is differ ent between the problem system and your development system? ie software installed, What version of windows, monitor settings in control panel,  etc.
  10. Is the exact font available on the problem system including bold versions?






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