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FAQs - General


I ordered the download but my hard drive crashed how do I get another copy?

You can return to your order page using the link provided in your confirmation email. If you cant return to your order status page you can order the $0.99 Maintenance Update anytime you need to download again. It is the complete program and does not require any previous program.

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I ordered the Cadrail Download but I have not received anything but a confirmation email?

You need to download the software by clicking the DOWNLOAD button on your order status page. We do not email you the software. You can return to your order page using the link provided in your confirmation email. If you cant return to your order status page you can order the $0.99 Maintenance Update  anytime you need to download again. It is the complete program and does not require any previous program.

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I Downloaded Cadrail  on the internet and now I want to install it on another computer, how do I do it?

You need to transfer the original file you downloaded to the other computer and run it  to install Cadrail. The downloaded file name is CR9XX.EXE or similar depending what version you downloaded (you can search for it on your hard drive). If you no longer have the file you can download the latest $0.99 Maintenance Update  again. It is the complete program and does not require and previous version. See the additional instructions for Updates.



I copied the Cadrail folder to another computer and now I  get the message "Cadrail License File could not be found" when try to run the copy of Cadrail.

You can not just copy the Cadrail Program folder to another computer and run Cadrail. Cadrail must be installed by running the original setup program so it can setup Windows properly. You need to install Cadrail from your CD or the original file you downloaded.



Where is the PDF version of the manual?

When you install Cadrail on your computer, the setup program will copy the PDF version of the manual to your computer and create a link to the PDF file. The link to the PDF file is created in your Windows START menus along with a link to the Cadrail application and help file.

To open the PDF version of the Manual:

Click the Windows START button and select All Programs - Sandia Software - Cadrail 10 - Cadrail Manual PDF Format from the menus.

A second method to open the PDF manual is start Cadrail and select the menu item Help - Manual PDF Format.



Where are the Library drawings?

The Library drawings that come with Cadrail are installed when you start Cadrai the first time and placed in your:


folder (or the folder you specified). The exact name of the Windows My Documents folder will vary depending on your operating system and setup. If you have multiple user names the folder may include your name.

If you purchased the optional DVD, the additional drawings are located on the disc in the \DRAWINGS folder.

If you need to re-install the library use the Cadrail menu OPTIONS-PREFERENCES and select the dialogs-SETUP TAB. Click the button to re-install the personal library. This will copy the files from the program folder to your personal Cadrail Drawings folder.


How do I use the library drawings?

Read the instructions. A library drawing is simply a Cadrail drawing. You open a library drawing, and copy objects as you would any Cadrail drawing. There are a number of ways to use the Libraries.  Example 1 of Chapter 3 gives one way.



How do I make a PDF file of my Cadrail drawing?

To make a PDF you can use a software utility such as BULLZIP that simulates a printer but creates a PDF file instead. In Cadrail you use the File - Print menu item and select the Printer Setup tab. Click Change Printer Settings button. Select the PDF software for the printer.



How do I make a file of my Cadrail drawing that my Copy Service can use to create large size printouts?

You can get the windows printer driver for the device they use at your copy center, install it on your system just like if you had the printer (search internet for the driver) and the print to the device from Cadrail for the paper size just like regular printing, but, select the print to file option on the printer setup (Cadrail Print Dawing dialog - Printer Setup Tab - Change Printer Settings - Look for a Print to File option on your printers setup dialog. Then email them the file.

You can also crate a PDF file of your drawing (see above) if your Copy Service can use PDF.

Finally you can write a DXF file from Cadrail menu item File - Export. DXF is an older format so you are better creating a PDF if your service or device can use it.



How do I create a JPG, GIF or  BMP  other format file of my drawing?

Use the menu item File - Export Bitmap. Select File at bottom of the dialog. Setup the image in preview and then select Export button. In the dialog select file type JPG, BMP, or GIF. GIF or BMP may work best for graphic artwork as JPG is a lossy format best for photos. These are bitmap fomats you edit in a paint program like Windows Paint or Adobe Photo Shop.

You can always just capture the screen using Windows <Alt>+<PrtScr> on the keyboard. This puts a bitmap image of the current application on the windows clipboard. Then you can paste that into Windows Paint for editing and saving various formats.  Use this method to capture the 3D View.



Is there a Mac version of Cadrail?

No, sorry. However, Cadrail runs fine in most Windows emulators for the Mac.





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