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Cadrail 10.3.0 Update October 22, 2020

This update is free to all registered Cadrail 10 users (you must have purchased version 10 previously ). Scroll down for a list of new  features.

Owners of Cadrail Vesion 9 and earlier can order a low cost upgrade to Cadrail 10. See the How To Order page for details.

To see what Cadrail version you have, click Help - About  on the Cadrail program menus.

If you have an earlier version of Cadrail 10 installed you can  use the Automatic Update feature and don't need to download updates yourself. To use Automatic Updates go to to Cadrail menu item Options - Check for Updates (or the automatic update on startup feature) to install the updates.

Cadrail operates on most  versions of Windows including Windows 10 (see system requirements).


If you are purchasing Cadrail for the first time:

You do not need to download and install these updates! You will receive the latest version with your purchase. After you install Cadrail on your system and start the application, it will automatically check for any future updates.



New in Version 10.3.0, 10-22-20:

* Improved Manual: updated PDF Manual and Application Help file.

* Improved Optimize: added layer checking.

* Improved Cadrail version 8 drawing import conversion problems.

* Improved Color Dialog Custom Colors- if an existing custom color name appears in custom color list that is the same as the dialog custom name text box then when click add to custom colors button the existing color will be changed to the current color settings on the dialog and saved (was a new color was added to colors list with same name).

* Improved Printing: New print multiple documents option. When printing multiple pages. Select multiple documents below the page row and columns numeric up/down controls on the page setup tab of the print dialog. When multi-document is selected a new document is created for each page printed. Otherwise only one document is created that contains all the pages printed (in previous versions of Cadrail a new document was created for all pages only).
-option saved with the drawing print setup

* Improved Clone tool: (RMB Popup Toolbar) - Now works for Text Objects.

* Auto Update dialog resize problem corrected.



Version 10.2.5, 5-25-19:

* Drawing Manager - Layer Treeview Improved.

  • The Layer Editor dialog has been incorporated into the main screen Drawing Manager - Layers Treeview and Toolbar. The changes eliminate all steps opening/closing the old Layer Editor dialog.

  • Layer Editor features are now located on the Layers Treeview and Toolbar. The old Edit Layers dialog has been eliminated. Rename, Delete, New, Color buttons are found on the Toolbar.

  • New additional Layer Treeview Right Mouse Button (RMB) click Menu with Layer tools and Undo/Redo.

  • To rename a Layer, slow double click the Layer name in the Treeview. The Clicked Node will enter editing mode where you can type the new name (or select Layer Name from RMB menu or Toolbar to get a dialog to edit the name). When the mouse is moved off of the edited node, editing is saved and completed.

  • Improved drag and drop operations for ordering Layers in Treeview.

  • Everything is undo-able.

  • <shift> + LMB mouse click to change all child Layers Visible property when Parent Node is Clicked (this feature was always on in previous versions but now it is a shift+ option).

New Layers Treeview and Toolbar.


* New Select Multiple: similar to Select in Rectangle (Ctrl+ or none) and Polygon (Alt+).

  • Press Ctrl+Alt keys when clicking the Left Mouse Button (LMB) to select individual objects in a temp list.

  • Makes temp figure that can then be manipulated with figure tools.

  • Click Ctrl+Alt again on an object already selected to remove it from the selected temp figure objects.


* New Borderless Form Option on Cadrail menu: Options - Preferences - Setup Tab. The borderless form style used in previous versions of Cadrail 10 disables some windows features. The affected features (other than cosmetic) involve multiple monitors and application resizing. If you wish to restore the features turn off the Borderless Form option. When the Cadrail is (or update) is first installed the Borderless Form Option is OFF by default.


Optional Borderless Form and Metro Colors.


* Corrected problem selecting objects stacked with dimensions objects in same space.

* Corrected problem saving startup position settings on secondary monitors.

* Color dialog opacity for all colors can be used for terrain, track road base etc.

* Symbols Trees allow edit styles in Drawing menu Object Data.

* Phantom line style is highlighted by auto find in plan view and when selected.


Documentation Updates

Select in Rectangle Fence

Method 1: Press the Left Mouse Button (LMB) down and drag to create the rectangle. If no object is found where clicked the rectangle is begun. If an object is found it will be selected.

Method 2: Press Ctrl Key + LMB down and drag. A rectangle is begun from the clicked point (weather object is there or not).

Once the Rectangle is defined the objects totally enclosed within the fence will be selected into a temporary Figure group. If any Object in a Figure is selected, the entire Figure will be selected.

After selecting object other tools such as Freehand Move, Delete, Copy, etc can be applied to the temporary Figure.


Select in Polygon Fence

Press the Alt Key + LMB, move the mouse to a second point to create a Line and click again (no key press required). Continue clicking to create a polygon fence surrounding the objects you want to select.

After the Polygon is complete click the RMB to close the fence and select the enclosed objects.


Select Multiple Objects

Press the Ctrl+Alt+LMB on an object to select it in a multiple object Figure group. Continue Ctrl+Alt+LMB Clicking other objects to add them to the Figure.

Ctrl+Alt+LMB Click a selected object again to de-select it.

Selecting Groups of Objects 3 ways.


Mouse + Keypress Combinations

Key+ Description
  none Edit Freehand: select in rectangle fence. Fence begins when   no object is clicked.

Get End, Get Object.


Select in rectangle fence (Edit Freehand or CAD tools). Fence begins at click point whether object is found or not.

Trim object option for some tools.



Select single object in a Figure



Click to Select in Polygon Fence. Press Alt+ Click first point, continue clicking points to create the lines of the polygon (Pressing alt+ is optional for remaining click points in polygon).



Click to Select Multiple Objects. When an object is found at the click point a temporary list of Objects (Figure group) is begun. Continue Clicking objects while pressing Ctrl+Alt for each object clicked. To remove an object simply click it again while pressing Ctrl+Alt.



Click to Show RMB Popup.

Click to Close Select in Polygon Fence (when active).

Drag RMB to scroll Drawing Screen.



Show RMB Popup with selected object if found.



Move Drawing Toolbar to Click location. If a tool is immediately selected the toolbar snaps back to upper left.


    LMB = Left Mouse Button  RMB = Right Mouse Button

Mouse keypress combinations summary.



Version 10.2.4 Update March 18, 2019

* New: Select in Polygon Fence

  • Similar to Rectangle Fence.
  • Press Alt+ key with Mouse click on first point to make a selection fence with multiple lines.
  • RMB to stop fence and make temp fig of objects totally enclosed in fence.
  • Figures that are partially selected in fence are totally selected in new figure.



* Improved: Color Dialog

  • Add custom color descriptions, unlimited number of colors.
  • RMB for popup menu: delete, rename.
  • Drag and drop order of colors in the list.
  • Opacity setting with all colors and any object ie object body, fills, layers, etc. (was option for figure fills only).
  • Select from layer colors on color dialog.

* Drawing: corrected problem with size tool and full circles changing pc, pt points wrong.

  • To correct in existing drawings use Options-optimize in the new version.

* Auto Update: corrected auto update problem for some language settings

* Printing: corrected problem border = 0 was not saved with the drawing.


Version 10.2.2 December 22, 2017

* File Save: corrected problem some large drawings very slow (10.2.1 only). Only does new quick optimize during save as (was save and save as). Much faster now.

* Optimize: additional checking for drawing corruption from past versions. Improved speed.

* Runrail: corrected problem adding cars (10.2.1 only).

* GetEnd: corrected problem when Snap is on.

* Save Picture: increased maximum picture width to 8000 pixels (was 4000). If you get an out of memory error on your system then you need to do smaller sizes.

* Other minor corrections and improvements.




Version 10.2.1 November 21, 2017

* New Look: The main Cadrail Application style has been changed slightly. Now Cadrail has a flat borderless Windows 10 appearance (in Windows 7 and XP). We have arranged the toolbars more compactly and removed duplicate functions. So in a way nothing has changed
Cadrail is just more compact.

Cadrail version 10.2 application window.


Duplicate functions removed:

  • Main menu item View removed. The View is more easily set
    using the Mouse Wheel Zoom and RMB Drag Screen. Old dialog
    still available on bottom toolbar. Hot keys F2-F9 are still active.

  • Main menu item Help removed. Use top tool buttons upper left.
    F1 Hot key still active. RMB click controls for individual tool help.

  • Top toolbar Layer/Style Properties fly out toolbar removed.
    Use Drawing Manager Properties Tab.

  • Auto-Select tool removed. Proved more confusing than useful.

* Improved Performance: General optimization improves performance.

* New 3d:

  • Pictures drawn in 3d view. Picture objects and figures with picture fills are shown in the 3d view. Prior version the picture images were not drawn in 3d, (just a black rectangle was drawn).

  • Figures are filled in a fan pattern around the polygon, 3 and 4 side figures will show a single image fill. More than 4 sides repeat the image in a triangle fan pattern.

  • Filled figures: when the fig is a rectangle with picture fill, must define fig objects starting with bottom of rect (in relation to picture bottom y axis in plan view) and define fig objects clockwise. ie bottom, left, top, right.

  • Changing the order and direction will change the picture orientation in the 3d view. So that can be used if thats what you want ie flip or rotate the picture. Otherwise define the figure starting at lowest y value (bottom) in the plan view and add objects to the figure clockwise.

  • Optional tile property for texture picture filled figures.

3d view with photo backgrounds.


Buildings with 3d photo textures.


  • Lights improved: choose from 0 to 3 lights using numericupdown control located on the 3d view top toolbar where the Lights button was previously.

  • Auto-Embankment Improved with a New Embankment Option (3d view top tool bar).

FIT TO OBJECT produces much more accurate embankments. Each object is now closely fit by the embankment following curves and angles. Previously the embankment used a square grid which made jagged edges.

Fit to Object Embankment

The previous embankment method is still available as the GRID option. You can switch back and forth between methods.

Grid Embankment

In some cases the drawings that depend on the old auto-terrain methods using contours and etc don't work well with the new Fit to Object option. Use the grid option for backward compatibility. This older technique for terrain is no longer required as the Figure Terrain Fill is much better for producing landscape terrain like mountains. This allows the new 3d view Auto-Embankment to be much more precise.

The new Fit to Object embankment lets you set the desired side slope using the slope drop down list on the 3d top toolbar. Plus you can set the embankment color for the Fit to Object option using the embankment color button on the 3d top toolbar.

  • New SCALE Z AXIS numeric control lets you scale the z axis from 1 to 10 to stretch the model in the vertical z direction. This helps visualize some things like terrain and track elevations. A setting of 1 is no stretching and a setting of 10 increases the vertical height by 10.

* New Cadrail Application Color Options: options-preferences setup tab select from choices on the drop down list

* New Copy/Paste to Clipboard buttons on RMB Popup Toolbar (was only Edit Menu).

* Undo improved: the way Cadrail stores Undo info in memory has been changed. The new way will help minimize application memory usage. Plus all functions can now be undone.

  • Faster for large drawings, more reliable.

  • Limited number of undo set in menu Options - Preferences - Setup Tab.

  • Undos reset when changing drawing tabs.

  • New undos: object front/back, edit layers/styles, optimize drawing.

* New: Figure Fill Terrain: New Symbols to Terrain button on the Terrain toolbar sets all symbols (like trees) over the selected terrain to the terrain elevation. This feature is also available with the Elevate tool on the Drawing Toolbar.

* Side View, Horizontal and Vertical splitter positions saved with Cadrail settings.

* Pictures new size limit: The maximum width or height for an original image is 5000 pixels. If you attempt to insert picture larger than 5000 pixels it will be resized to 5000 pixels in the drawing (which is then fit to the picture drawing scale width).

* Optimized: Several basic functions have been optimized to improve speed and memory usage.

* Application Help and Manual have been updated.

* Basic system requirements have not changed from 10.1. Version 10.0 and 10.1 will read the 10.2 drawings but do not show new features: images in 3d, new Fit to Object embankment. All other features are the same between versions.

* 10.2 drawing files are backward compatible with earlier Cadrail 10 versions. However the previous versions do not show the new features.





If you have an earlier version of Cadrail 10 installed you can  use the Automatic Update feature  to install the newest version. You should be notified to download the update when you start Cadrail if the Auto-Update feature is on.


See the new Sample Drawings for more examples.











Version 10.1.1 February 22, 2017


The next time you start Cadrail 10.0 you will be notified that the newest version of Cadrail is now available!

In Cadrail Version 10.1 you will find major improvements that focus on simplifying all data entry and object editing tools.

We have also improved the basic graphics animation when moving objects on the screen. The drawing is smoother with less updating.

Auto-find has been greatly improved to identify only those objects valid for a specific tool. For example when using the Line Freehand tool, no Auto-Find objects are highlighted until you press the shift key for get end or select object. Only valid objects are highlighted for the tool. The valid objects will be highlighted and the selected end point shown. For tools like Line Freehand, when over a Figure, only the single objects are highlighted not the figure. Auto-Find is one of the most used features for drawing.

Ease of editing tools extend to the updated Object Data Grid (ODG) and Figures Treeview on the Drawing Manager. Now you can edit Object Properties in the Object Data Grid (ODG) by clicking the right column value. All the features that were once found through the previous Object, Figure, and Text editor dialogs are now directly available in the Object Data Grid and Figures Treeview. In addition there are new RMB Popup Menus with additional features for the ODG, Treeview, Layers, Styles.


Easily edit Figures by dragging and dropping objects within the Drawing Manager Figure Treeview (below the Object Data Grid). Just arrange the objects and figures in the combinations and order you desire by dragging and dropping the objects in the Treeview. New RMB Popup Menu with additional features.


Now numeric values may be entered in place without using the Input Dialog. Instead you may now edit or input the value directly into its display text box for the appropriate tool. For example to change the Grid increment, click the Increment display and edit the value. New number formatting has been incorporated to let you more easily specify feet inches fraction and other formats.


New Direct Numeric Input and Formatting


There is a new Input Toolbar (was Input Dialog) that incorporates the improved numeric text box for entering multiple values with tools like Enter Coordinates on the bottom toolbar. Enter the values using the new feet-inches format as desired.

All of Cadrail's toolbars and dialogs have been updated with the new numeric input text box.

Text objects are now edited in place in the drawing by double clicking the text object and selecting the options on the new text edit toolbar that pops up.

New Text Input and Toolbar


A new "Smart" toolbar replaces the previous popup menu when clicking the Right Mouse Button (RMB) in the Plan View drawing area. The new RMB Popup Toolbar gives you the most used tools and the tool buttons shown are targeted for your need based on the tools and objects selected when you click for the toolbar. You can also edit object properties directly on the toolbar using an Object Data Grid.

New RMB Popup Toolbar


The Help Documents and Manual have been updated for 10.1. You can now RMB click any control on the main application window and content specific help pops up.

Many more improvements are listed below.



New: Drag and Drop Objects in the Tree View.


New: Edit Object Properties in the Object Data Grid. Change Layers, Grades, Angles, etc.

10.1.1  2-22-17

* Compiled with newest Microsoft technology. Application requirements have not changed. Operates on Windows versions XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

* Improved Graphics: Drawing tool animation for moving and object tracers is now smoother with less blinking of the screen. Too many changes to describe. Many you may not notice unless you run the old versions to compare.

* New Help: All documents updated for version 10.1 (Help, PDF, Manual). New Right Mouse Button (RMB) help for all Main Application toolbar buttons.

* Improved: Autofind Highlights have been incorporated for each specific tool. For example when using the Line Freehand tool, press the Shift key for Get End and Autofind will highlight valid object endpoints you can click.

* New Text: Edit text in the drawing plan view. A new text entry box and font selection toolbar is shown by: creating text, double clicking existing text in the drawing area, or by selecting Edit Text on the drawing area RMB PopUp toolbar. All text properties can also be changed using the Drawing Manager Object Data Grid.

* New Input Number Box - All tools that require a numeric value like grid, snap, ortho, dimensions, Object Data etc. now use an in place text edit box. Previously the Input dialog was used to enter numbers.
This edit in place text box simplifies number entry by eliminating the old Input Dialog. This feature has been implemented throughout Cadrail any time a number is entered.

  • After clicking a value display a text box appears where you may enter the value in place (previously the Input Dialog would appear).
  • Input Decimal value or feet inches fraction, for angles enter decimal or deg min sec (separated by spaces).
  • Click ^ button to enter the value (or press Enter key).
  • Click ? button to pop up help display
  • Press Esc key to cancel


* New Object Editing - now built into the Drawing Manager - Object Data Grid (ODG) and Drawing Treeview. The old Object Editor dialogs have all been replaced by editing and selecting options in the Object Data Grid cells. This greatly simplifies entering and editing object data.

  1. Select object using Freehand Edit tool and the object data will be shown in the Drawing Manager- Objects Tab.
  2. Click the right column of the Object Data Grid to select the value cell you wish to edit.
  3. Click again to begin editing.
  4. For numeric or text editing, click away from the cell on some other area of the object data grid to save the value and complete the operation (optionally press the <Enter> key. Press the <esc> key to cancel editing without changing the cell value.


  • The grid cells use a new format to enter feet/inches introduced with the new Input number box (see above).
  • Properties adjust as editing ie change circle length the delta changes.
  • Figures or objects - double click sta for profile (was sta elev dialog) or select profile from RMB menu.
  • Double click Layer or Style in left column for edit Layers or Styles dialogs.
  • Combine use with drawing Figures Treeview to edit objects and figures
  • Object Data Grid also found on RMB popup menu
  • Picture Paint dialog (was Picture Edit on Object Editor) moved to RMB pop up menu or toolbar.
  • Edit figure object order using the new drag/drop capabilities of the Drawing Figures Treeview below the Object Data display. Use
    the Drawing Treeview RMB pop up menu for additional figure options.
  • Tool tip help shows feet-inch-fraction for numeric values.


* New: Drawing Figures Tree View (DM Objects Tab)

  • New drag and drop to reorder objects and figures.
  • RMB popup menu - undo, delete, send front/back, fill child Figures, picture paint, etc.
  • Drag and drop Figures to drawing (unchanged)


* New Drawing Area RMB PopUp Toolbar with Targeted Tools related to selected object. Replaces previous RMB cancel menu.

  • If an object has been selected in the Plan View with Edit Freehand, the RMB Popup Toolbar will have additional buttons with tools specific to the selected item type.
  • Common items Edit Freehand, Zoom, Figures, Copy, Delete, etc.
  • New Last Tool - sets to the previously selected tool.
  • New buttons to activate Text Edit toolbar, Terrain toolbar, Profile Dialog, Picture Paint.
  • New Clone Properties - sets the properties toolbars to the selected object's layer and style.
  • New Edit Object button shows ODG below RMB Popup Toolbar.
  • New Shift+RMB click to select object and show Popup Toolbar.



* New:  Profile Dialog (was Station Elevation dialog)

  • Now works with single objects line, circle, spiral (was just Figs).
  • Access with RMB popup toolbar on drawing window, object data grid RMB menu, or drawing tree RMB menu.
  • More saved custom dialog settings.
  • Eliminated station ON option. Now the initial station value is zero for
    all objects. When a station value has been entered the value is added at each endpoint. The station is shown on the screen when the Stations-Elevations labels option is on and the Station value is greater than zero.


* New: 3d View

  • New Background Color button on 3d view toolbar next to terrain color.
    Click the button and the color you select from the Color dialog is shown in the 3d background.
  • New: Open 3d View using new 3d View button on main Top Toolbar next to the Runrail button.
  • New: use Shift+ mouse button for 20 percent slower screen scrolling.


* New Figures- Solid Fill - New Fill Opacity Property. Enter value 1 to 100 percent for fill transparency. 1 is totally transparent 100 is none or solid fill color.

* New Dimension: Edit font name, bold, italic by object with Object Data View.

* New Styles Editor: Move Styles button allows you to select two styles in the list and the objects with the second style are changed to the first selected style.

* New Pan Screen: Now use either RMB or CMW to drag or pan the screen. The previous Pan Screen button has been removed. The RMB Popup Toolbar still activates when the drawing area is clicked without dragging or moving the mouse. To pan the screen, press the RMB down and drag the screen while holding the RMB down.

* New Preview on DM Objects Tab size is now adjustable with new splitter bar, saved with settings.

* New: Scrollbars show/hide button on bottom toolbar right.

* New: Side View the Lines show thickness Z axis dimension.

* New: Edit Terrain, Edit Text: Activate editing in place toolbars by double clicking object in the drawing area or by selecting Edit on the RMB popup menu (after selecting the object in the drawing area).

* New Terrain Toolbar: Elevations option. Shows elevations at all times not just when terrain selected. - drag header to move toolbar

* New: Elevate tool - Option to set symbols to terrain elev. When Terrain is elevated the change is added to all terrain grid elevations.

* New: Print dialog- added rmb drag preview, cmw zoom.

* Import DXF

  • Corrected problem with some layer settings that would cause an error and not read the file.
  • Corrected problem of layers as children of layer 0, now all imported layers are main level parents.
  • Corrected problems export spirals


* File Open, Import: Merge 9, 10, Optimized. Improved cleanup of corrupt drawings.

* Shape Builder: Yard Ladder - corrected problem with some near vertical lines. Other problems Yard Builder.

* Changed: If the Cadrail Window is minimized on exit the window is restored to normal size and then saved. This avoids confusion when Cadrail starts minimized.

* Changed Phantom Style: Now this style is not drawn in both Plan View and 3d View (was only 3d view). This allows objects like Figure Terrain to show only the fill.

* Main Menu (File, View...) Text size corrected for video settings 125, 150 dpi (control panel).





Version 10.0.2 September 14, 2015

* New: Symbols Objects.

New Symbols Toolbar.


  • Now instead of a single point object you can select different symbols from the pop up toolbar.
  • Select round, square, flag or other symbols.
  • At this time the symbols are basically flags and trees. Although the circles could be anything.
  • All tools work normally for symbols. You can size, rotate, layers, styles.
  • The Interior symbol pattern can not be edited.
  • Symbols are light weight objects meant to reduce the drawing overhead for objects that are repeated many times in a drawing, like trees.
  • Symbols are easier to use than Figures but the symbol itself is not user editable.
  • There are six basic groups of tree symbols. Each group has 1 to 5 levels of "branches". The tree symbols are also shown in the Side and 3d views.
  • To draw a flag or tree symbol:

    1. Click the symbol type on the symbol toolbar (the toolbar appears when you select the Symbol - Freehand tool on the drawing toolbar).

    2. Press down the left mouse button at the symbol radius point.

    3. While holding the mouse down, drag the mouse to select the
    size and angle for the symbol.
    4. Release the mouse when the desired result is shown.
  • The round and square point symbols operate as just a single point with no size as before.
  • When a symbol is created or moved onto terrain it is assigned the terrain elevation. If you change the terrain elevation the symbol elevation is changed. To change an existing symbol to fit the terrain you just move the symbol. If the terrain or symbol layer is frozen or off then it will not change.
  • The symbols are compatible in earlier versions but appear as a standard point only

Layout 9 demonstrates Symbol trees and Figure Terrain.


* New Figure Terrain:

  • Terrain Show/Hide button on the Labels tool bar allows the terrain figure colored background grid to be drawn at all times in the plan view (was just when terrain figure was selected). When the terrain figure is selected the grid toolbar, lines, and elevations are drawn. This setting is saved with the drawing.
  • New: Elevate tool now adjusts the terrain grid elevations and the terrain border objects.
  • New: Auto-Color for plan view Terrain is based on the color set for the 3d view Auto-Terrain on the 3d view toolbar.


* NEW File - Export - Export as Cadrail 9.53

  • Saves the current drawing in Cadrail 9.53 format (any version 9 or 10 will read it).
  • Things that are new in V10 (pictures, terrain) will not appear in the 9.53 drawing.
  • Layers are reorganized for 9.53 to remove the Parent/Child from v10. Visible/freeze may need to be set after conversion from 10.
  • When the version 10 file is saved as 9.53 any Terrain or Pictures are removed. Any Symbols are changed to a point.

* File Import Merge Improved: Now you can use shift+, and ctrl+ to select multiple files in the dialog file list. All the selected drawings
will be merged into the current Cadrail drawing. Merge version 9 or 10.

* Save Picture in Fence: Corrected problem with save as .WMF .

* Select in Fence tool: corrected problems when object within fence is already part of an existing figure. Now the entire figure is added to the fence objects even if outside the fence. This duplicates the create figure tool behavior and prevents single objects from being defined in two different figures.

* 3d view:

  • Changed Auto-Terrain color from drop down list of four colors to any color selected on the color dialog. Light Brown is the default color. This color setting is also used for the Figure-Terrain Auto-Color value in the plan view. This color is automatically varied from light to dark based on the elevation. The adjustable color requires 10.0.2.
  • Additional adjustments to 3d view color, auto-terrain.

* Extend tool - extend arc to end of arc with same radius pointt corrected.

* Arc project tool - project arc to end of arc with same radius pointt corrected.

* Dimension tool - corrected fractions option when drawing preference units inches.

* Corrected problem creating new drawings when opening/closing multiple drawings.

* Misc other corrections to converting and optimizing drawings.

* New Sample plans using Tree Symbols and Figure Terrain...




Version 10.0.1 April 4, 2015

* New Picture Editor:

  • Activate from Picture Editor button on Object Editor dialog, change brightness, gamma, opacity, RGB.

* Stations & Elevations Dialog improved:

  • Added Table of values.
  • Acess by double clicking station on/off value in the object data list.
    on the drawing manager or using figure editor button.
  • Zoom view.
  • Print profile and data table.

* 3d cab view high low option:

  • Low view is closest to engineers true view in the cab.
  • High view allows view to rear of train over cab.

* Dimension - fraction option:

  • Corrected rounding errors.
  • Corrected problem editing the text in object editor.

* Divide into Segments tool: corrected problem generating error message with Auto-Find.

* Drawing Tabs: moved close button onto tab (was far right).

* File Open: corrected problem when opening a fifth drawing.

* Layer Tree:

  • Now set by clicking the position of visible, freeze, off in any order. Was click entire button to cycle v, f, o in order.
  • Improved drag and drop highlight.
  • Corrected problem if drag and drop layer on itself disappears.

* Rotate, Flip tools: corrected problems with rotation point.

* Optimize Drawing: added additional checking for invalid objects, use to remove zero or infinite objects.

* Text - improved clarity, less bold




What's new in Cadrail Version 10.0.0 ...


Whats new in Cadrail Version 9.0 ...






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