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Sample Cadrail Layouts

Lionel Layout

s_r_300.gif (70 bytes)

O - 4' x 12'
Lionel Super O track
Here is a busy Lionel Layout drawn with scale Lionel buildings. There is a lot of track fit in this small space. Yet there is plenty of building area for your collectables.

This drawing shows what you can easily do in Cadrail. The 3D elements are made from simple shapes using the automatic tools in Cadrail. Working from a basic 2D line drawing you add elevations and work with the artistic side of Cadrail to create these kinds of views.


Download Lionel Layout 2.exe (165kb)

These files require Cadrail Version 9 or the Cadrail Demo to view and print.


How to use these self-extracting files

Plan View


3D Bird's Eye View


View from the Cab















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