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Cadrail 10 Free Demo

This demo application is a fully functioning version of Cadrail. The only limit to the demo is that you can only save up to 60 objects in your drawing. You can view drawings with more objects, you just can't edit them.

The demo includes 1 partial track library and the tutor sample drawings explained in the manual.




Cadrail 10 Demo Requirements

You must have the minimum required computer system to operate the Cadrail Version 10 application.


To install the Cadrail Demo:

Download and Install the Cadrail application by clicking the link below. Elect to SAVE the downloaded file to an empty folder on your hard drive when asked. Once the download is complete, run the file to install Cadrail.  See the additional instructions.


Download Cadrail 10 Demo Application Filename: cr1021demo.exe (6.78 mb).

See the additional Installation instructions...



Using the Demo

After installation on your computer, start the Cadrail application. Select Help Contents from the Help menu (or press the F1 key) for complete instructions.

You can start using Cadrail after you have run the setup program to install the application onto your computer. Start the Cadrail application as you do any Windows program.

 To Start Cadrail:

  1. Click the Start button on the Windows Task Bar.

  2. Select Programs, Sandia Software, Cadrail Demo, Launch Cadrail Demo from the menu.

The demo includes 1 track library and the tutor sample drawings. These are located in the My Documents/Cadrail 10 Drawings folder that was created when you installed Cadrail.


Sample drawings you can view with the Demo


To Un-Install the Demo

  1. Select Settings-Control Panel on the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Select the Add/Remove programs icon on the Control Panel dialog box (Vista users select Programs and Features).
  3. Follow the additional Windows instructions on your screen.


Cadrail manual in PDF format

This document is included with the demo application. If you are installing the demo you do not need to download this file, It is only here for those that don't want to install the demo.

You must have Adobe Reader installed to use this document.


Download Cadrail PDF manual ( 2.7 mb )



See Also:

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Cadrail operates on most  versions of Windows
 including Windows 8 (see system requirements).






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