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Sample Cadrail Layouts

New Mexico Northern


s_r_300.gif (70 bytes)

HO - 16' x 19'
24" min. radius
#6 turnouts
Requires Cadrail 10


This garage size HO layout has been updated with the latest Cadrail Terrain and Landscape features.

There is real prototype. It is a large folded loop with an 'E' shaped arrangement. There are several yard areas and sidings with plenty of room to ad more.

The scenery runs from the mountains to the desert as found in Northern New Mexico.

There are numerous buildings in the drawing that represent the Denver and Rio Grande railroad in the early 1900's including round house, turntable, coal tipple and water tank.



Download NNM2.zip (181 kb)

These files require Cadrail Version 10 or the Cadrail Demo to view and print.


How to use these self-extracting files


Note: this is a complex drawing with lots of detail. The time needed to draw is dependant on the speed of your computer. These large files, take longer to draw on the screen.


Plan View



View from the Roundhouse



Yard View



Bird's Eye View










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