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 New Cadrail 10 Updates Troubleshooting Questions (FAQs) Requirements






Troubleshooting Notes for Installing Cadrail 10

In the vast majority of cases, Cadrail 10 installs without problem. However, the following cases have been encountered on some systems. We are looking for solutions and will make them available when solved.

Basic Trouble Shooting information can be found in the Cadrail Documentation.

You should check for any updates that may be available.


I have Windows 8 and when installing I get a message that the .NET 3.5 Framework is required.

Windows 8 has the .NET 3.5 framework installed but you may need to activate it as described in this Microsoft Document:


How to activate .NET 3.5 Framework in Windows 8



I downloaded Cadrail from the internet and when I run the downloaded file it starts XXX program, not Cadrail Setup (or possibly gives a goofy error message).

Download the file into an empty folder on your system and run the file from that empty folder. If you download to your Windows internet download folder or the Windows desktop you may get many different setup program parts mixed together in those folders. So, when you try to run the Cadrail installation some other program that has been installed from in that download folder starts running.



Setup Program gives Cannot Continue message.

If Cadrail is already installed on your system and you attempt to re-install the software, you may get an error message from the installation program saying that the installation can not continue and then a log file address for more details. This simply means Cadrail is already installed. On most systems, if Cadrail is already installed, you will get a dialog box (instead of the error message) asking you what you want to do: Repair Cadrail or Un-install Cadrail. On some systems you may get an error message instead of the dialog. If you really need to re-install Cadrail, just un-install it using Windows Control Panel and then re-install.

If you downloaded Cadrail on the Internet and purchased the additional CD/Manual, you do not need to re-install Cadrail from the CD. The additional drawings on the CD are not installed during the installation from the CD. This is by design. If you want them copied to your system from the CD you will need to do that manually (use Windows Explorer to copy the DRAWINGS folder on the CD to your hard drive).



I just downloaded the update (patch) and the splash screen still shows 9.50. Is this what I should expect?

No, you should see the version for the update you are installing. In your case that is 9.51. You may not be specifying the correct program folder when running the setup.

You can always order and download the complete program installation if you are not sure how to determine you application folder. You should un-install your existing version and then run the new setup for version 9.51.

Go to our secure store site, order and Download the complete Cadrail 9.51 program (for registered owners of version 9)...


Or, to install the update patch, you must specify the correct program folder. The patch will then replace the existing Cadrail9.exe program file. If you are updating Cadrail 9.50 the application folder by default is:

      C:\Program Files\Sandia Software\Cadrail 9.5

If you are updating version 9.09 or earlier the application folder is:

      C:\Program Files\Sandia Software\Cadrail 9

On Windows XP or 64 bit windows it is different again. One way to find the folder is to search your system for the Cadrail9.exe program file using Windows File Explorer.



I have a new PC/Vista Ultimate 64-bit system, when I attempt to install dotnetfx.exe, I get a error message that it's not for 64-bit operating systems. 

You do not need to install the Microsoft .NET platform or the DirectX 9c with the Vista operating system as these are already included with Vista 32 or 64 bit. Just install the Cadrail program. Cadrail runs in 32 bit mode on 64 bit systems.






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