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FAQs - Converting from earlier versions


When I open my older version Cadrail drawing in the new Version 9, all I see on the screen is a little dot.

There may be some giant objects in the old drawing that you did not realize were there. For example, you may have made a line by accident that is 9999999 feet long and you don't see the object in Version 5. When you open the drawing in version 9, Cadrail uses the Show All Objects feature and then you don't see anything on the screen because the view is so big. Turn on the object labels display and then zoom in on the "dots", that is where the drawing is at a large scale and more will be visible when you zoom. To correct the problem, delete the giant objects. Use the menu item Edit - Input Object Number with the Delete tool if you cant click on the object(s) to select it.


I'm having difficulty seeing the drawings I create and print in Cadrail. The lines are much too thin and faint. I printed a drawing I created in Cadrail 8 from  Cadrail 8 and it came out OK.

Cadrail 9 has a new scalable line style. It is described in Chapter 8: Defining Style Properties. You may need to adjust the widths for some of your version 8 drawing line styles (Layer and Styles Properties tool bar click edit styles). You can choose the fixed width style as in version 8 and set a number of pixels for the width, or choose the scalable style and define a drawing width for the line style that scales up and down with the drawing. For example you can make a scalable line style that is 6" inches wide and use a single line to draw a wall 6" wide in your drawing. This width gets bigger and smaller on the screen with the rest of the drawing as you zoom in and out.

Check out chapter 12 for more on the new features.







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