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FAQs - Drawing


I cannot get the background option for fill to display on the figure editor.

See the 11-27-07 program changes described in the updates documentation.



I drew six 180 degree arcs to make a Helix and stacked them together, now I cannot get the proper order for the Figure and its elevations, Cadrail finds the wrong arc...


Most likely Cadrail cant tell which end is which if the endpoints of one arc  are directly on top of another. Instead of 180 deg arcs, use something like 170 degrees so the ends are not all at the same point, then it should work better.


In the 3d view, the track work stays at its brown color, but all of the other fixed width lines appear as black instead of their colors


When the lights are on in the 3D view, the fixed line styles normally look black because they really don't have any size. Turn off the lights in your 3d view of the drawing and you will see the colors. Use a flat or solid style if you want the color.



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