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 Downloading Instructions Printed Manual with CD ROM






Printed Manual and CD-R

The Printed Manual includes all of the instructions for learning and operating Cadrail in a nice wire bound paper book.

The CD includes the complete Cadrail application, basic track and symbol libraries, Mega Drawing Pack, and thousands of image texture files.

If you order the Printed Manual and CD, you can still download the Cadrail application when you order, but you do not have to. You can install Cadrail from the CDwithout any Internet downloading. Everything is included on the CD.


Mega Drawing Pack

The Mega Drawing Pack is included on the CD. It includes over 70 additional Cadrail drawings beyond those in the basic libraries.

The drawings include details of railroad bridges (wood truss, iron trestle, wood trestle, plate girder), over 30 different railroad buildings (multiple plan and elevations,  rolling stock (box car, caboose, flat car, gondola, tank car, stock car, loco diagrams) and over 30 different model railroad layouts.

Many drawings are of the Denver & Rio Grande facilities and can be used for most railroad themes.


Texture Images

Thousands of texture images are included on the CD. The textures are photos of Bricks, Siding, Roofing, and many other common groups you need for detailing your drawing in the plan view.



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