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Drawing Libraries Included...

Template drawings for popular track manufacturers, yards, buildings, scenery and other railroad shapes are included on the DVD.

Basic Track and Symbols included with the Cadrail Application Download:

  • Aristocraft 1/2" = 1'
  • Atlas O, HO (Code 100, 83), N
  • Bachman HO EZ Track
  • Fast Tracks HO, N
  • Fleischmann HO Scale
  • Gargraves O Gauge
  • Gilbert S
  • Kato N
  • Lionel O (all track types)
  • LGB
  • Marklin HO (K and C track), Z, #1
  • Micro Engineering
  • MTH O Scale
  • NMRA standards
  • Peco HO 100, 83, 70,  N 70, 55
  • Roco (Code 100, 83)
  • Ross Custom O Scale
  • Shinohara HO code 100, N Code 70
  • Walthers HO Code 83
  • Additional buildings, electric,  etc.

...easily make your own libraries !

It’s not just for track...

You are going to design and build many types of stuff with your model railroad. Don’t settle for just track drawing tools.

Cadrail's wide variety of tools let you draw any complex shape. You can draw anything you want using lines, circles, spirals, points and text.

This is a complete CAD package that will last you a lifetime.

Additional drawings available in the Mega Drawing Pack on DVD only

Additional drawings are included with the DVD. You get hundreds of libraries with thousands of pre-drawn Figures like:

Over 30 layouts

Railroad shapes
Doors and Windows
Railroad Buildings
Rolling Stock


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