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Sample Cadrail Drawings...


These samples and more are found on the Cadrail DVD (optional). 

The samples require Cadrail Version 10 or the Cadrail 10 Demo.


How to use the Samples 


Photo Pictures:

Terrain & Trees:

Terrain Portals: Plan 9 and Plan 3

Design: Outback


Plan 3

4" x 8" N Scale Layout
Animated Flyover

Layout 1

4" x 8" HO  Scale Layout
Lots of Action
 in a small space.

Buildings Photo

HO Scale Buildings using photo textures.


Ophir Loop

HO Scale.
See the Crown of the RGS like you never have.


Northern NM

HO Scale.
Updated with new Terrain and Trees.

Layout 3

HO Scale.
Updated with 3d Photo Backgrounds.

Plan 9

HO scale
How to make a
3d Tunnel Portal.


Highline 1

Z scale
Cadrail 10 Picture Tracing and Terrain Grids.



HO scale
A monster of a Layout.


Plan 18

Large Size Layout


Cadrail 10 Pictures
and making tunnels
with Terrain Grids.

Sandia's Layout

HO - 8' x 14'
18" min. radius
#4 turnouts

Lionel Layout

Super O - 4' x 12'

Trestle Diorama

N Scale Fantastic Diorama by G. Smith

Tipple at Chama, NM
How to use the Samples   








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