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Drawing Tools

Don’t be disappointed by low cost drawing or paint programs. If you really want to improve on pencil and paper, you need a real CAD program that was made for railroad design. Cadrail is famous for its accuracy and true alignment geometry.

The Spiral Object in Cadrail is a highly accurate True Railroad Spiral.

Here are a few of the features in Cadrail that you won’t find in other programs.

  •  Create ANY shape lines, arcs, spirals and text.
  •  Draw flex track and other shapes by dragging handles or specify exact dimensions.
  •  Draw at ANY Size or Scale. Unlimited objects.
  •  Group objects and work with the entire group.
  •  Print to any scale on multiple pages.
  •  Work with elevations, grades and coordinates.
  •  Work with supplied track libraries.
  •  Make your own libraries.



More Features


Auto-Dimension: easily show exact dimensions in your drawing.
Auto-Align: just drop the ends of two objects together and Cadrail will rotate tangentially. align1.gif (922 bytes)
Auto-Trim: Cleans up ends of connecting objects at the exact tangent point. trim2.gif (550 bytes)
Rotate: turn objects around any point by dragging the mouse or specify exact angle.


rotate1.gif (867 bytes)


Turnout Objects


Our Turnout Objects make working with yards and other complex shapes easy. Just drag and drop turnouts into position. Cadrail automatically rotates and cleans up any connections.
Turnout Ladder Tool: click the yard line and Turnout to create a ladder. to_tool2.gif (709 bytes)
Crossover Turnout Tool: make a crossover in 2 clicks. All objects trimmed and a center section is created. to_tool1.gif (506 bytes)
Connect Turnout Tool: fits object from end of Turnout to any existing Line or Arc and Trims if needed. to_tool3.gif (467 bytes)

to_tool4.gif (495 bytes)

Turnout Builder: creates Turnouts with the dimensions you specify.
Yard Builder: creates yards with offset and length dimensions you specify.
Freehand Drawing Tools...

True CAD drawing tools let you draw any shape with freehand mouse movements. Our tools give you complete control of all object geometry.


As you move the mouse, only the desired properties change. Adjust radius and angle of an arc using the mouse or specify exact values.

For example, our Arc-Flex tool lets you move one end of an Arc in any direction while the other end remains tangent.
Line from two Arcs
Arc from two Arcs
Arc from Line and Arc
Arc or Spirals fit to Lines
Extend to Object extend1.gif (391 bytes)
Divide Object at Intersection inters1.gif (298 bytes)
Flip-up, Pop-up and Elevate for   3d flip_pop.gif (967 bytes)
Scalable Text Objects with multiple line formatting and rotation
Symbol tools allow you to attach flags to objects for notation
Filled Polygons with unlimited user defined layers and line styles fills2.gif (4505 bytes)


Additional Cadrail Tools:
  •  Move, copy, rotate, flip, resize, divide, undo
  •  Spiral easements - any size
  •  Spirals fit to tangents
  •  Spirals drawn freehand
  •  Define exact lengths and angles
  •  Set any exact Circle radius
  •  Parallel offsets
  •  Divide into fixed segments or at spacing
  •  Select in fence
  •  Extend objects tangentially
  •  Define object groups (figures)


  •  Flip and mirror objects
  •  Resize objects by any ratio
  •  Snap to grid, object, or end point
  •  Zoom, Scroll, Preview window
  •  AutoCAD DXF import and export lets you exchange drawings with other software.
  •  BMP export 
  •  Detailed object geometry reports
  •  Open BMP, GIF, JPG bitmap - then trace over with vector tools
  •  Elevation Contour tools
  •  Trace Bitmaps with CAD tools.



Partial Drawing Tool Schematics







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