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More of Cadrail's Features
A great CAD program has easy to use toolbars with a large selection of flexible drawing tools that work well together.

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Multiple Views let you view and edit your drawing in many ways. Side views show you the elevations and allow simple line drawing.

Object Editors let you easily change object properties without redrawing. Change one geometry property and the others are automatically updated. For example you can enter the length of a line and the end point coordinates are updated while maintaining the original angle of the line.

Drawing Manager contains a Tree View of the objects in the drawing allowing you to select and edit embedded child objects within parent figure groups. You can also drag and drop objects from the tree into the drawing.

Our unique toolbars make it easy to select from Cadrail's many tools. There is no complex series of nested menu items to negotiate each time you want to draw.






Side Views, 3D view, and
Drawing Manager (left side)


Unlimited user defined layers and styles allow you total control. The Properties toolbar makes it easy to select from the styles have defined.

To change a drawing property, just double click the toolbar and you get a one stop dialog box with all the options.

Cadrail lets you nest and combine tools to create complex drawings.

Zooming in and out is simple with the buttons you need most readily available at all times.

Zooms and scrolls can be nested while you draw. Then you can zoom in to pick the end of that switch and zoom out to create a large arc over to some distant area of the drawing.

Layer & Style Flyout Toolbar


Style setup dialog box

Trace Bitmap Images by opening a bitmap (.jpg, .gif, .bmp) in the Cadrail drawing window and tracing using the CAD objects. You can then resize the tracing to a known distance in the image.

Export Bitmaps You can save the Cadrail drawing screen image to a bitmap file (.jpg, .gif, .bmp) or to the Windows clipboard. You can also specify the size of the image.

Import/ Export DXF vector drawing files that can be read by other CAD programs.





Check out the Demo to see Cadrail in action for yourself.





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