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3D Modeling

Stop dreaming in only two directions.

Once you have created a 2D drawing you can easily add the third dimension. Cadrail has special features like Auto-Terrain and the Shape Builder that help you make the basic 3D model parts. How much additional detail you add is up to you.

3d View


Don't just sit there and look at your railroad. Cadrail lets you operate trains on what you draw. No additional work is required. As long as you follow a few simple rules, Runrail can operate on what you draw in both the 2D and 3D views.

To really experience your railroad in 3D you need to get in it and drive.


Use the 3d view to get a real feel for what your layout will look like. You can rotate the view in any direction and zoom in or out. Add elevation points and contour lines to represent the terrain in your drawing. Draw in as much detail as you like. Make separate layers for bench work, track and scenery. Look for conflicts in those tight spaces.


See the Samples for more...



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